CM jagan Reddy is the Real mass Leader..!!

-Jagan rose one step higher with patience.
- jagan is a role model who wants to enter politics.
-YSP has a chance to come back to power in the state.

Jagan's name is the answer to the question of who is the real mass leader in Andhra Pradesh. Despite some criticisms regarding Jagan's rule, no one can compare to jagan in stubbornly moving ahead and achieving what he wanted. The difficulty that jagan had to take to reach this level was not ordinary. After the death of ysr jagan, despite being harassed and prosecuted, jagan rose one step higher with patience and became a real mass leader in the later days. There is no doubt that cm jagan is a role model for many people who want to enter politics. jagan, who has implemented the promises made as well as the promises not made, is shaking the main political leaders of other parties.
 CM jagan faced many difficulties while trying to get the post of Chief Minister. Due to Jagan's trouble, today the congress party has disappeared in AP. If ap cm Jagan's mass dominance is in what range, Nallari kiran kumar Reddy, who served as the chief minister of the united andhra pradesh, also lost in the 2014 elections in his own constituency, Peeleru. Few of the politicians can make a mark with their rule. This is not all the good that jagan has done for the poor and poor people by implementing welfare schemes on a scale never implemented in the past. It can be said that Jagan's promises are the reason why the majority of surveys reveal that YSP has a chance to come back to power in the state. It must be said that no matter how much the leaders of other parties are throwing poison at Jagan's regime, the vote bank of ycp is not intact.

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