Bengaluru Traffic..! New Navigating App..!?

Bangalore traffic police and tech company Mappls MapmyIndia have entered into an important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ease Bengaluru traffic congestion and facilitate commuters' journeys. The company is planning to develop a separate navigation app i.e. MAP app for Bengaluru which will provide real-time traffic updates to Bangalore commuters. The IT staff who stepped in to save Bangalore. It is really a good thing. This new map app will help travelers reach their destination faster by showing them less traffic-congested roads. Also, the Mappls MapmyIndia app will provide real-time information about traffic congestion, road closures, and other road conditions. Designed exclusively for Bengaluru commuters, the app is expected to be an alternative to the google Maps app. It also seems to reflect the true nature of Bangalore traffic. 

 Commenting on the new app, a senior Bangalore city police official said, “This map app will also help the traffic police to identify traffic jams and clear them on a real-time basis. This is the solution to Bengaluru's water problem. But people don't want to accept it..! It also helps passengers find an alternative route when there is heavy traffic on the regular route. Also, it will inform people about bomb pits, roadblocks, and other maintenance works and save time,” he said. advertisement Bengaluru Traffic Police is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology-enabled cameras to track traffic violators in the city. Speaking about the AI camera, karnataka Deputy chief minister DK Sivakumar said, “Thousands of new vehicles are arriving in the city every day. Dealing with traffic in Bengaluru is a challenging task. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the movement of vehicles and take action accordingly. We are working with BBMP to devise a better plan for traffic management. Also, the authorities are planning to study the traffic management systems of developed countries and implement similar strategies here as well,” he said.

The new map app and artificial intelligence technology are expected to ease Bengaluru traffic congestion and improve the travel experience of commuters.

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