There is a frequent propaganda that ap cm YS jagan prioritized welfare and neglected development. But the facts are different. ap received more investments during Jagan's regime than Babu's regime. It seems a little surprising to hear but it is noteworthy that more than 50 companies came to the state simultaneously during the ycp regime.
If Jagan's Govt investments are properly advertised, it is easy to understand that the development was better than Babu's tenure. A few months ago, an investment conference was held in Visakhapatnam and in that conference agreements were made for investments of 13 lakh crores. It is noteworthy that investments of around 2.5 lakh crore rupees have already materialized in those agreements.
Amazon, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Aditya Birla Companies, May Fair, Raheja Inorbit, Ecohoma Tires, Rod Stand and some other companies have invested in vizag during ycp regime. In a small village in Kurnool, JSW has invested heavily. In areas near vizag, at Sricity in chittoor district, Guntur, kadapa and tirupati, leading companies have invested heavily.
The Oberoi Group has signed contracts for the construction of 7 star hotels in the cities of Visakha, tirupati and Kadapa. It can be said that if the ycp leaders properly advertise about these companies, there will be a chance to shut their mouths about the lack of development in AP. As ycp mainly focuses on welfare, the real facts are not coming to light. In the context of just 18 days before the election, if we explain the development in the state including calculations, it would benefit YSRCP even more.

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