Happy Birthday Sachin: What the 'master blaster' likes to eat!!!

Sachin Tendulkar is known to adore fine cuisine despite leading a strict lifestyle as an athlete. Let's take a look at the master blaster's culinary choices on his birthday. Today is Sachin Tendulkar's (the cricket legend) 51st birthday. The master blaster, regarded as the "God of cricket" and one of the most popular players, has frequently discussed his favorite meal in interviews and other exchanges.

Which foods are Sachin Tendulkar's favorites?

Butter chicken, a well-known North indian dish prepared with tender chicken cooked in a thick, creamy tomato-based sauce, is said to be one of his favorite foods. Tendulkar has also acknowledged his love for other Indian specialties, such as dhokla, pav bhaji, and biryani.

How the diet of sachin tendulkar is balanced

Despite being a foodie, Tendulkar reportedly makes sure to split his meals into three categories: thirty percent fat, thirty percent carbohydrates, and thirty percent protein. This keeps him in shape and busy.

1. Breakfast: Sachin likes light, easily digested steamed dishes with a protein shake for breakfast. His favorite post-breakfast snack is a bowl of fruits or a grilled sandwich.

2. Lunch: sachin tendulkar typically eats dishes high in plant-based protein, such as rajma or dal. In addition, he enjoys fish best served with mixed nuts, lettuce, and curd.

3. Dinner: Despite being a culinary enthusiast, Tendulakr enjoys straightforward home-cooked meals. His favorite dish on special occasions is fish curry served over rice.

According to reports, sachin tendulkar drinks enough water and electrolytes throughout the day to stay hydrated. This provides him strength back into his muscles and cures him from the inside out.

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