Priyanka gandhi Vadra, the leader of the congress, criticised prime minister Narendra Modi on tuesday for his comment about a "mangalsutra," citing the sacrifices made by women in her family for the country. "For the last two days, it is being said that congress wants to snatch your'mangalsutra' and gold," priyanka gandhi Vadra remarked at a rally in Bengaluru. The government has been led by the congress for 55 of the 70 years that the nation has been independent. Was your gold stolen, "mangalsutra"?"
"During the war, indira gandhi gave her gold to the country. Meri maa ka 'mangalsutra' is desh ko kurbaan hua hai (My mother's mangalsutra was sacrificed for the country)... The truth is that these (BJP) people cannot understand the struggle of women," she added.

The general secretary of the congress was alluding to her father Rajiv Gandhi's 1991 killing by radical Tamils from Sri Lanka.
Hindu women wear mangalsutras, a necklace that is seen as a physical indicator of a married lady, both during and after their wedding.
On april 21, PM Modi stated that the congress intended to transfer people's hard-earned money and assets to "infiltrators" and "those who have more children" during an election rally in Banswara, Rajasthan.
"My moms and sisters, this urban Naxal mindset won't even let go of your'mangalsutra.'" That's the level they can reach," PM Modi declared.

P Chidambaram, the leader of the congress, also attacked the prime minister, claiming that his words demonstrated the "pathological fear of defeat" held by the ruling BJP.
"How else can one explain the absurd assertion that the congress intends to confiscate and reorganise the properties owned by the Temple, Mangalsutra, and Streedhan? These empty words will not even be believed by the BJP's most ardent supporters. The former Union minister tweeted, "I wonder what the RSS leaders privately think of these statements."
Additionally, the congress has filed a complaint against PM Modi with the election Commission, claiming that during his remarks at the Banswara rally, he singled out a specific religious community.

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