About deputy chief minister Budi Muthyala Naidu, jagan Mohan reddy made a mistake that has now affected the Madugula assembly and the Anakapalli Parliament. Twice, Muthyala Naidu defeated Madugula, a former stronghold of the telugu Desam Party. jagan sent him from Madugula to the Anakapalli parliament to challenge bjp chief minister Ramesh. Muthyala Naidu and Ramesh are both members of the Koppula velama caste. Out of over 15 lakh ballots, the community in Anakapalli has about 4 lakh votes. jagan believed Muthyala Naidu would benefit from the local aspect.

The Kapu community is now quite prominent, with 5 lakh votes in Anakapalli. The fact that janasena is a part of the alliance is already advantageous to cm Ramesh. He diligently sought to further win over the Kapu community and gained megastar Chiranjeevi's backing. Ramesh has an edge all of a sudden, and the locals claim he is now on the path to a big majority. Not only did jagan ruin the Madugula assembly, but also the Anakapalli Parliament. In an attempt to persuade Muthyala Naidu to attend Anakapalli, jagan declared his daughter Anuradha to be the Madugula candidate.

However, this caused a rift in the family. Anuradha has submitted her nomination previously. Because of this, ravi, the son of Muthyala Naidu, is furious and has filed an independent nomination, wanting to take his father's seat. According to reports, ravi is not in favor of withdrawing from the race and is angry with Muthyala Naidu.

Should he remain unconvinced to retire, the votes would be divided in favor of tdp candidate Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy. Following Janasena's election to the pendurthi seat, Bandaru was airdropped into the constituency. The events at the Rival camp will make him smile. jagan ruined two seats with a single poor choice.

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