Last night, K. Chandrashekar Rao, the former chief minister of telangana, took part in a live television program with TV9. After more than a decade, it was his first live telugu television interview. During this interview, kcr discussed a wide range of topics, including as the claims of phone tapping, the kaleshwaram project scandal, Kavitha's incarceration, and the anticipated results of the next elections. According to kcr, the bjp would finish last in Telangana. He predicted that it would only get one seat among the state's 17 lok sabha seats.

KCR predicted that both of them would undoubtedly lose when the host questioned who of the BJP's telangana president, kishan reddy, or former president Bandi Sanjay, would win that one seat. He predicted that Padma Rao Goud, the BRS candidate, will defeat kishan reddy handily in the secunderabad constituency. Even if KCR's internal survey yields no conclusive results, the bjp would be severely shocked if it were to win just one telangana seat.
The saffron brigade has already been concentrating heavily on telangana in order to secure more than eight state seats. During the first week of May, prime minister Modi would take part in six separate meetings around the state. Tomorrow, Union home minister amit shah will take part in a sizable public event in Siddipet. They are making every effort to get the most seats possible in Telangana. telangana gave the bjp four seats in the lok sabha in 2019. We need to wait and see what will happen this time.


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