YS jagan Mohan reddy, the brother of APCC president YS sharmila, came under fire from her for referring to Botsa Satyanarayana as a fatherly figure. She questioned how jagan could refer to Botsa—who often disparaged their father YSR—as his father. During his campaign yesterday, jagan Mohan reddy referred to Botsa as a fatherly figure. Additionally, he mentioned that he calls Botsa "anna" with fondness. sharmila attacked jagan during her rally in repalle today for uttering remarks of a like nature. She said that at the state assembly, Botsa had previously referred to YS Rajashekar reddy as a drunkard.

She brought up the fact that Botsa had charged jagan with his father YSR's death. She also remembered Botsa's declaration that jagan ought to be executed by hanging. sharmila added that Botsa insulted her mother Vijayamma and didn't even try to spare her. She questioned whether there is a single member of the ysr Congress party who adheres to YS Rajashekar Reddy's philosophy.
She said that those who had previously mistreated ysr, such as Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy, Rajini, and rk Roja, were now jagan Mohan Reddy's brothers and sisters. sharmila said, "People who performed padayatras and died for him, mean nothing to Jagan." There is no ysr in the YSRCP, she claimed. According to her, Y stands for YV Subbareddy, S for Vijaya Sai reddy, and R for sajjala ramakrishna reddy in the current circumstances.


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