Political rivalry and personal character assassination have a narrow border. Pothina Mahesh, the previous leader of the JSP, has clearly crossed this threshold as evidenced by his most recent remarks. Pothina attacked pawan kalyan in a very retaliatory and personal manner, reaching the lowest of lows. "Your circumstances wouldn't have been this dire for you if you had been correct in your marriage. You're in this kind of predicament because, when you were married to someone else, you got pregnant with someone else. Why don't you discuss that subject? stated Pothina.

It was evident that the former JSP chief was reading from a script that was placed in front of him. "You should publish a list of women who became pregnant, akin to an affidavit," he stated. It makes sense that ycp officials would make such remarks considering the direction of their criticism. However, having followed Pawan's lead for many years as a previous JSP leader, Pothina's beneath-the-belt remarks are extremely damaging to both his new party and himself.
PK disclosed that he, his spouse, and their four dependents have assets totaling Rs. 163 crores. In 2019, his assets totaled 56 crores rupees. According to Pawan, he has earned Rs. 114.76 crore during the past five years. According to the affidavit, pawan kalyan is the subject of eight outstanding litigation. Of them, two were brought during KCR's tenure in telangana and six were brought by the administration of jagan Mohan Reddy.

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