K madhavi Latha, the BJP's candidate for lok sabha in hyderabad, submitted her nomination papers to the returning officer of hyderabad on Wednesday. She said that the "golden-colored pen" she used to register her papers represented "Bhagyanagar's golden future."
In an interview with an english daily, she stated, "This pen, which has 'Modi ka parivar' engraved on it, is a symbolic representation of the golden future of Bhagyanagar, hyderabad, lok sabha constituency we're going to win, a ticket towards golden future."
Before submitting her nomination on Wednesday, she remarked. anurag thakur, the union minister of youth affairs and sports, subsequently went with her to file the nominations. "Today, the evil eye of congress has fallen on public property and there is a direct threat to property, children, borders, and Sanatan dharma from the congress," anurag thakur told the reporters later at the bjp party office in Nampally.
"These people want to keep collecting taxes even after you pass away," he continued. congress intends to leave your property to infiltrators in the name of the minority after your death, not to your offspring. They serve as their voting base. It's evident that congress has turned anti-child as well after Sanatan," he remarked.

Anurag Thakur commented on the remarks made by congress MP rahul and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's mentor, overseas congress president sam Pitroda, suggesting that the government could seize up to 55% of Indians' property upon their death. He said that this showed the anti-property and anti-child aspects of the party.

'Cut the Kite'
Anurag aimed at hyderabad MP and head of AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi, saying, "Cut the kite." Forever shut the container with their fictitious ballots.
"Owaisi has not been seen since madhavi latha arrived. He went on, "We must slash the kite of those who took away the rights of the poor and governed here for 40 years.
Before submitting his nomination papers, anurag thakur and madhavi latha performed prayers at the Bhagyalakshmi temple at Charminar.

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