Former chief minister of telangana kcr has been becoming a hot topic in the news for the past few days. After the party's defeat in the last assembly elections, kcr, who did not enter the assembly even once, was confined to the farm house only. At such a time, all the key leaders are moving towards the congress party, he gave an interview on TV9. This has created confusion in the BRS party. But there are also reports that some more leaders are likely to join hands after the parliamentary elections.

 At this time, kcr left the farm house and came out. They are ready to campaign on behalf of the candidates. But kcr, who had to speak a little made shocking comments on Andhra politics. kcr commented in an interview that he has information that jagan will come to power for the second time. Jagan's opponents in Andhra politics did not like the comments made by KCR. With this, the opposition leaders in ap started criticizing KCR.

TDP leader and former vijayawada Central Constituency mla bonda umamaheswara rao criticized KCR's comments. He said that kcr is not even in telangana and he is sleeping in a farm house. If another room is prepared next to him, jagan will also come there. These two who are not in power play anymore. umamaheswara rao criticized that egoists have no place in democracy. KCR's mindgames started by supporting jagan already.

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