Currently, the heat of the parliament elections is on in Telangana. BRS, congress and bjp, which are the main parties, are moving ahead with the goal of winning. They are confident that they will win in majority of the seats. It is in this order that the winning horses are sacrificed to impress the high command. At present, everywhere in the state, there is a chorus of propaganda. Moreover, it must be said that all the key leaders of the respective parties are campaigning and making huge promises.

But at present BRS, congress and bjp parties have taken the victory in one place with pride. Same as secunderabad parliament segment. bjp is getting elected here for the last two terms. kishan reddy served as mp twice. kishan reddy, who is now a sitting mp and a Union Minister, wants to win here once again and score a hat-trick. However, congress, BRS and other parties are moving to raise their party's flag in this parliament segment. It is known that Padma Rao Goud is contesting from BRS and Dana Nagender is contesting from Congress.

However, cm Revanth reddy revealed a sentiment regarding the secunderabad parliament segment in a recent campaign. cm Revanth said that whichever party wins in secunderabad, that party will come to power at the Centre. When anjan kumar defeated Dattatreya, the congress government came at the centre. And now, after 20 years, those days are going to repeat themselves. congress will win secunderabad parliament seat. According to the sentiment, the congress will assume power in the center.

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