Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh, remembers the name of Uyyalawada narasimha Reddy. Especially in banaganapalli, where he was born, no matter how many generations have changed, no matter how many kingdoms have changed, his name still echoes. Especially the elections are always juicy. In the last election, ycp candidate Katasani Ramireddy got a good victory in Banaganapalli. But this time the elections are going to be fierce. tdp candidate bc janardhan reddy is preparing his weapons as the election time approaches.

Especially in banaganapalli, they prepared to break the forts of their opponents. There are reports that the ycp candidate Katasani Ramireddy is afraid of defeat. It is also informed that this time tdp flag will be hoisted on top of arundhati Fort. Katasani Ramireddy, who pushed jagan wave in the last election, won there with a small majority. Former tdp MLA Janardhan Reddy, who was defeated, is always among the people and doing various service programs. With this, many ycp leaders also joined the tdp party and it seems that there has been an irreparable blow there.

It seems that important leaders who were loyal to Katasani Ramireddy for the last 20 years have also been included in TDP. Especially with the affair of Katasani Ramireddy and his son Obul Reddy's petanam, his followers could not bear it and joined the tdp party from ycp party in his own village and this time Janardhan Reddy's victory is certain. The telugu brothers are expressing confidence that this time the yellow flag will definitely be hoisted on top of the banaganapalli fort.

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