As part of the elections in andhra pradesh, tdp and Jana Sena bjp have united to face the ycp party this time. According to that, many types of surveys are also coming in support of the ycp party against that alliance.. But now it seems that a survey company has recently conducted a small forced survey. They also released a district wise list about andhra pradesh politics.

But according to them, 73 constituencies are positive as a part of the alliance. ycp is positive in 55 constituencies. But overall, this survey shows that it is going to be in 47 constituencies. It was informed that this survey was completed yesterday.  We don't know about the truth behind this, but they have released a district-wise list. Actually, this survey may not be perfect, but it can be said that this survey has caused a panic and tension among the parties.

Actually the nomination process ends today. So the actual campaign heat begins as well. Candidates will try to prove their stamina for the last 15 days. Many leaders are also saying that the accurate survey will be done only during this time. It is also stated that the campaign will decide the fate of the candidates within these 15 days. In fact, the result of these 15 days matters a lot to the final result. Since the nominations are completed, every candidate will definitely be looking at the people in their constituencies.

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