Fans have long spoken about the relationships and breakups of celebrities. Not as much attention is paid to celebrity divorce news and rumours as it does to celebrity romances and marriages.
 The South indian cinema industry has witnessed reports of celebrity divorces throughout the years, some of which have been rather unpleasant. Several well-known celebrities have made headlines for their divorce news and separation announcements, including samantha Ruth Prabhu, naga chaitanya, and even amala Paul and AL Vijay. Let's examine the top 5 celebrity divorce stories

1. samantha and naga Chaitanya

It's indisputable that samantha Ruth Prabhu and naga chaitanya were one of the most adored pairs on the internet. When samantha and her partner first got together in 2010 while working on Ye Maaya Chesave, their friendship immediately became into love. In 2017, after dating for a number of years, the couple exchanged vows. social media users referred to them as "ChaySam" with affection after their wedding, which became a fad.

2. gv prakash and Saindhavi

According to the most recent sources, singer and music director gv prakash Kumar, who wed saindhavi in 2013, is reportedly getting a divorce. It has been revealed that the couple were childhood sweethearts and pals before getting married more than ten years ago. They even welcomed Anvi, their daughter, in 2020. If the stories are accurate, then the disagreement between the two is what's causing the problems.

3. dhanush and aishwarya Rajinikanth

In 2022, dhanush and Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth, who had been married for eighteen years, declared their separation. It was assumed that the primary reason for the divorce was irreconcilable differences, even though neither party provided an official explanation. Fans, who had witnessed and appreciated their relationship both on and off screen, were undoubtedly shocked to hear the news. april of this year saw reports that the couple had formally filed for divorce in the chennai family court under section 13-B, which allows for divorce by mutual consent, despite earlier reports stating that they had agreed not to file for divorce.

4. amala Paul and AL Vijay

Without a doubt, one of the most well-liked pairs of the 2010s was amala Paul and AL Vijay. Rumours circulated that the couple had gotten together while filming on Vijay's 2011 film Deiva Thirumagal. But at first, they had both refuted the rumours.  However, their marriage was brief. Due to differences in lifestyle, amala Paul and AL Vijay split in 2016. It was acknowledged that the main reason for the divorce was the disagreement between amala Paul's in-laws, who did not want the actress to pursue her career.

5. prabhu deva and Latha

Prabhu deva and his wife Latha's 2010 divorce may be the most well-known divorce tale. Nayanthara and the actor/choreographer were quite vocal about their romance, and there were even rumours that they were getting married shortly.  Prabhu deva was still wed to Latha, his previous spouse, nonetheless. Latha's refusal to sign the divorce papers and her family court complaint, which claimed prabhu deva was seeing another actress and ignoring his family, caused the matter to blow up.  Following several disputes, prabhu deva and Latha ultimately agreed to get a divorce.

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