Elections were concluded on 13th of this month. Due to this, many leaders are also active on social media and posting various posts. Especially cm Jaganmohan reddy thanked the people of andhra pradesh and shared a post on Twitter. He said that he is bowing his head and thanking all the youths to my st and bc minorities.

He also expressed his sincere gratitude to all his workers who worked hard for the victory of our ycp party. jagan tweeted, "I promise that our good governance that has been going on so far will continue to be better." The main party leaders are also very confident that their party will win as the election ends on Monday, 13th of this month. But along with the andhra pradesh assembly elections, the results of the lok sabha elections are also going to be released on june 4.

Both the ruling party and the opposition parties are competing very fiercely in Andhra Pradesh.. And at such a time, they are showing that which party will be very slow and come to power with their calculations. Also, there are reports that it is still tight this time in areas like pithapuram where pawan kalyan is standing, nara lokesh Mangalagiri and Chandrababu's Kuppam. And to what extent what will happen remains to be seen.

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