The general elections in andhra pradesh also ended on Monday.. But during the polling, riots between ycp party and tdp parties are creating anarchy in some areas. Even now such riots continue in many areas. Especially the name given to the faction in rayalaseema is Anantapur.. In Tadipatri of this district, it looks like a war movie between tdp and ycp again. It seems that ycp activists also pelted stones on the house of tdp party leader JC Diwakar reddy in Tadipatri town. But the news is that this attack was carried out by the followers of Ketireddy Peddareddy.

Earlier Diwakar Reddy's followers also tried to attack the ycp leaders. In particular, there are reports that several tdp leaders pelted stones on the house of mla Ketireddy Peddareddy. It is reported that many tdp and ycp workers were injured when the two party leaders pelted stones at each other. Immediately the police came to know about this and dispersed the five communities. In order to bring the situation under control, real life was also used there.

But it seems that CI murali krishna got seriously injured in this stone attack and was taken to the hospital. The college ground between JC prabhakar Reddy's house and Peddareddy's house has become a battlefield. There are reports of people being terrorized by scenes reminiscent of movies. It is reported that there is a lot of tension in Tadipatri. And it remains to be seen whether these quarrels will be settled now or not. And especially this time, if the results of the elections are announced, what kind of consequences will take place.

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