Violence broke out in several districts of andhra pradesh within hours of the polls closing, with cadres from the telugu desam party and the ysr congress party attacking one another. There have been reports of violent attacks in several locations, including Tadipatri, Tirupati, and the politically delicate Palnadu district.
An enraged group of YSRCP members, allied with party candidate chevireddy Mohit reddy, attacked tdp MLA candidate Pulivarthi nani in Tirupati's chandragiri seat when the latter was checking out the strongroom at Sri Padmavathi Mahila University. According to reports, nani was attacked by YSRC supporters with iron rods, stones, and empty beer bottles when they blocked his car.
While nani was struck heavily by a stone on his chest, his gunner was struck in the head by an iron rod attack from a YSRCP employee. Twice the shooter shot into the air to scatter the crowd.
Tension increased as tdp supporters organized demonstrations calling for action against the assailants. Two YSRC leaders' motorcycles were set on fire by tdp supporters as nani was being taken to a hospital for treatment.

Both parties' supporters threw stones at each other in Tadipatri in the satya Sai district, causing the police to use tear gas and lathi charges to break up the raucous group. To try to restore order, more police and paramilitary personnel were dispatched to the scene.
Tuesday's elections in the Palnadu area were marred by violent conflicts, and Kota Ganeshunipadu village in gurazala mandal was no exception.
Following news that Anil Kumar Yadav, the mp candidate, and Kasu Mahesh reddy, the local YSRC MLA, were visiting the area to comfort the families of YSRC members hurt in fighting the day before, a big contingent of tdp members assembled.

Mahesh reddy said that despite informing the SP and DIG about the likelihood of possible conflicts in the hamlet, the officials did not act quickly enough.
He called on the indian Election Commission to take immediate action against the relevant authorities and chastised the police department for failing to guarantee peaceful elections in Palnadu.

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