Even 24 hours after the polls closed, the election commission of india (ECI) has not yet disclosed the total number of votes cast in Andhra Pradesh. Political parties are among the many stakeholders that are becoming anxious about this. On monday, the ECI held simultaneous elections in ap for 175 assembly and 25 lok sabha seats. 

Voters flocked to the polls in significant numbers to cast their ballots. The day's polling hours were set for 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, several violent events and EVM malfunctions resulted in roughly 3,500 voting places having their polling hours prolonged by several hours.

In several polling places, poling persisted till two in the morning on Tuesday. Despite the state election officials' apparent assurance that the ECI would deliver the final poll % by tuesday night, the data was not received until this report was filed. However, according to ap Chief Electoral Officer mukesh Kumar Meena, the polling percentage is probably going to be in the range of 80–81 percent. He said that the polling percentage was anticipated to be 78.25 percent as of monday at midnight. Compared to the 79.64 percent polled in the 2019 assembly and parliament elections, the polling percentage is anticipated to be about 79.40 percent, including 1.2% of postal votes.

Nonetheless, several districts continue to handle information. As a result, the poll percentage might fluctuate. The ultimate institution that will disclose the official voter turnout data for the 175 assembly seats and the 25 lok sabha constituencies is the ECI. For political parties, whose fortunes might fluctuate depending on the quantity of votes cast in a constituency, the figure is very significant.


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