Voting was completed on monday in Andhra Pradesh.. It seems that the voting percentage is also up to 81%. It is reported that the turnout is slightly higher this time than before. Especially the question of who got the votes of kamma and Kapu social class is now becoming a hot topic. It seems that the people of kamma social class have voted by leaps and bounds. Definitely they have voted against Jagan. 95 out of 100 people supported the alliance.

Kapu social class is 14% in Andhra Pradesh. Out of this 14%, it seems that 9% have supported the alliance. Here also it seems that pawan kalyan has been supported against Jagan. If this happens then what will happen? Overall, When kamma and Kapu social groups come together the chances are high.

Alliance can say that it will easily win 40 seats here.. If you look at earlier in 2014.. combined west godavari district.. ycp party won only 5 seats in the combined east godavari district. It did not open the original account in west godavari district. Last time, ycp won a lot of seats there.. Now the main issue is how many seats will be won there. Especially how much the ycp party will get in 34 seats is becoming a crucial question here. In 2019, ycp won 27 seats together. And here the alliance has a chance to win if it wins more seats.. If ycp party wins more seats here, it will definitely get the throne.

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