On Thursday, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) called for demonstrations throughout telangana against the congress government's "anti-farmer" policies. BRS President K. chandrasekhar Rao urged party workers to plan rallies in every constituency, claiming that the congress had once again forsaken farmers.
The former chief minister referred to the congress government's pledge to pay a Rs 500 bonus per quintal of paddy following the parliamentary elections. Still, chief minister Revanth reddy is now stating that the bonus will only be given for high-quality paddy, calling this a "betrayal of farmers."

The well-known chandrasekhar Rao, or KCR, said that 90% of farmers who don't cultivate high-quality paddy will lose out on incentives and that the congress had once again defrauded the farmers following the polls.
He claimed that the farmers would have taught the administration a lesson if it had made this declaration before to the elections.
He claimed that under the Rythu Bandhu plan, which was put in place by the previous BRS administration, the congress government had failed to encourage farmers' investments. In addition, the congress administration has not carried out the Rythu Bharosa program, which promised increased assistance for investments.

Before this, BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao insisted that the congress put politics aside and concentrate on governance now that the lok sabha elections were over. Farmers started harvesting around 25 to 30 days ago and were waiting for procurement. He urged that the state government speed up the procurement of paddy.
He said that in order to ensure that farmers receive fair compensation for their produce, the government should also take action to prevent the wastage of 3-3.5 kg of paddy per quintal. He also said that his BRS would support the farmers until the state government acquired all of the produce, including rain-soaked paddy.

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