Actor mammootty from kerala is the target of online abuse because of his role in the 2022 release of the movie "Puzhu." Online, he has been the target of hacks by right-wing supporters. On social media, several individuals said that the movie was anti-Brahmanical. This started when the spouse of the film director Ratheena P T said in a recent interview that the movie was meant to belittle the Hindu upper caste.

Mammootty portrayed an upper-caste Brahmin in "Puzhu" who is against his sister's marriage to a member of a lower caste. Some of the critics of the national award-winning actor on the internet went by Mammootty's birth name, Muhammad Kutty. The psychological drama "Puzhu" was helmed by debutante Ratheena P T.

A boycott of the actor's next projects was also demanded by several right-wing groups. The actor has starred in almost 400 films.
Political figures, including ministers, came out in favor of the actor as the situation grew.
Mammootty, according to State Revenue minister K Rajan, is "the pride of Malayalis, and he will always remain so." "It is pointless to adopt the Sangh politics of referring to Vijay as Joseph Vijay, director Kamal as Kamaluddin, and mammootty as Muhammad Kutty in this instance. kerala is this," he remarked.

"The secular society of kerala will not subscribe to the Sangh Parivar narrative, no matter how hard they try to label mammootty, who has a clear political view and acting sense," stated congress General Secretary KC Venugopal. He said, "Mammootty is the first actor among those who, throughout a half-century career, gave malayalam cinema an identity in world cinema."
Throughout malayalam cinema's historical development, mammootty has often been able to overcome setbacks by taking on all of the responsibility alone. Such a personality cannot be contained inside the boundaries of any caste or religion," he posted on Facebook.


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