Voting in andhra pradesh was completed on 13th of this month. While jagan has been the cm of andhra pradesh for five years, there is a possibility that he will be the cm for another five years. Also, it is heard that the ycp candidates also tried till the last minute without giving up their grip and the party got along well.

Again, people are saying that the schemes will be implemented only if cm jagan is there.. There is no need to say which party the elderly women are in favor of in the state.. Therefore, there is a high chance of the ycp party coming back to power in the state. It can be said that there are many such constituencies. It is heard that there is no chance of checking the ycp party in such constituencies.

There are reports that more than half of the seats will go to the ycp party in every district.. At this time, the ycp party is also more active in the social media and they are putting bold counters to the alliance.. And the alliance is also calm this time as if it is their own power. It should be known till the fourth of next month.. In any case, it can be said that the ycp party's strength on social media will not be any other party's strength.

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