It is known that there is a debate among ycp fans whether ycp will come back to power in ap or not. Some feel that the increased turnout will hurt the YCP. It seems that the increased polling was the reason why congress came to power in united andhra pradesh in 2009 elections and congress in telangana in 2018 elections. According to these calculations, there are comments from netizens that the increased polling in ap is also very beneficial for YCP.
There is no need to doubt that all the reddy caste votes in ap went to YCP. But it seems that along with these caste votes, sc votes also fell to YCP. Almost 90 percent of the SCs are satisfied with the schemes implemented by the ycp and the comments from the netizens are showing that it will be a plus for the party if all their votes go to the YCP.
With the support of reddy, sc and bc castes, ycp has a chance to come to power in the state. The netizens are hearing comments that the ycp also had a lot of hopes for the votes of these castes, and those hopes have almost been fulfilled. It seems that ycp will win more than 120 seats.
The comments indicate that there will be some excitement till the results of the elections are announced. There are reports that there are plans to implement Navratna schemes better after ycp wins. It is noteworthy that the alliance leaders are getting tense after seeing the confidence shown in the matter of YCP's victory. ycp leaders are fully confident about rayalaseema districts. We have to wait for a few more days to know whether jagan will become the chief minister again.

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