On Thursday, telugu desam party president N chandrababu naidu voiced his strong opposition to the andhra pradesh government's current e-office version being upgraded, as directed by the Network Interface Controller (NIC), New Delhi, and the Union Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology.
Governor Abdul Nazeer was ordered by Naidu to take urgent action to stop the state government's e-office upgrade process in a letter he sent to him, a copy of which was forwarded to the election commission and other high-ranking officials.

By the most recent directive from the state government, the Chief Minister's office (CMO), the Chief Secretary's office, different State secretariat wings, and Heads of Departments (HoDs) will not be able to utilize the services of the current e-office application from friday until May 25 due to e-office upgrades.
He expressed concern that the exercise's timing could lead to problems, such as the deletion of crucial files and documents about decisions made by the jagan government that involved resource diversions, omissions, commissions, irregularities, and deviations in favor of the contractors—as well as some YSRCP leaders.

Bringing up the fact that the State government has not been posting GOs on its website, especially those that pertain to important decisions, in violation of standard procedure, Naidu claimed that there is no transparency in the administration and that people who speak out against irregularities in the governance or unclear decisions face legal repercussions.

"When the election is going on and many officers, including the HoDs, are drafted for the poll duty who are not available at their respective headquarters, some mischief is likely to be resorted to by the outgoing government in the name of migrating to new e-office version," he added.
He urged the governor to give the chief secretary instructions to that effect, suggesting that the decision be put off until the next administration takes office.


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