TSSPDCL chairman and managing director Musharraf Farooqui urged people to exercise caution as there was a chance that tree branches, flex banners, and other materials might fall on power wires due to the intense rains that were hitting the State.
After checking the power supply, he stated that there had been no significant disturbance and that it was normal. He enumerated many precautions to take to prevent any unfortunate events during rainy seasons. Individuals should avoid standing close to power lines, transformers, and stay wires. He advised taking precautions to make sure dogs and cattle don't wander close to electrical wires and transformers.

People should avoid regions where water is logged or where power lines have snapped, and local tsspdcl officials should be notified if this happens.In the event that severe rains cause variations in the power supply, all electrical appliances must be turned off, and the control room must be notified.
The USC number from their power bills should be mentioned by customers when they file a complaint with tsspdcl about the power supply or other problems. Calling the authorities right away is advised for those who live in low-lying regions or cellar flooding. According to him, customers can contact the 20 special control rooms, 1912, 100, or the fuse off call office in an emergency.

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