Strengthen Modi’s hands... says Jaishankar...

According to External Affairs minister S jaishankar, india today adopts not just assertive but also unambiguous stances on issues like the South china Sea, the invasion of Gaza, and the Russia-Ukraine dispute. jaishankar stated that the Modi administration's "experienced, sober, practical, grounded but courageousleadership in foreign policy matters is now part of his pitch to voters. He has a straightforward message for them: "Strengthen Narendra Modi's hands because he is actually the guy who's going to see you through the storm.Jaishankar spoke with R sukumar and Shihir Gupta. 

The popular opinion holds that international policy has little bearing on the general elections of 2024, which are mostly focused on domestic matters. Two things, I believe, have altered. First, there is now less distinction between domestic and foreign policy. As a result, when it comes to the customer, purchasing Russian oil ultimately comes down to domestic policy because that is what you pay for at the gas pump.

It intrigues me much because, during the election season, I have visited nine or ten states, and every time I go, I am asked a series of questions pertaining to international policy. Thus, I believe that it has somehow crept into people's minds. What has gotten inside of it? One is pride in the direction that prime minister narendra Modi has led the nation. Two, a realization that there may be danger outside—a pandemic, terrorism, or something else entirely—and that they should return home instead of remaining outdoors. Thus, it's rather fascinating. I believe we have given foreign policy far more room in the bjp manifesto than we have in the past.

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