In tirupati, the political tensions that had engulfed the city in recent weeks have given way to serenity and devotion as the city celebrates Thataiahagunta Gangamma Jatara and Sri Govindaraja Swamy Brahmotsavam. The state-recognized local folk festival, Thataiahagunta Gangamma Jatara, kicked off on tuesday and will run till May 21. On May 22, the Viswaroopa Darshan will take place. The jatara is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara's younger sister, Goddess Gangamma.
In honour of the older brother's blessings, tirumala tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) offered a "Sare" to the Goddess on this particular day. ttd chairman bhumana karunakar reddy brought the Pattu vastrams for Goddess Gangamma, as is customary. Karunakar reddy led a procession of thousands of devotees from his home to the Thataiahagunta Gangamma Temple.

Conversely, the ceremonial raising of the Garuda Dhwaja Patam on thursday marked the start of Govindaraja Swamy Brahmotsavam, which was accompanied by Vedic hymns. The Govindaraja, Dhwajapatam, Chakrattalwar, and Parivara deities were paraded along the four Mada streets of Tiruchi earlier by priests. Thousands of worshippers flocked to see Lord Govindaraja's colourful procession on Pedda Sesha vahanam, during which they presented the gods Harathi.

According to the legend of the Thataiahagunta Gangamma Temple, which dates back to the time of the tirupati chieftains, Gangamma rose up to fight the oppressors and shield women from molestation. Residents wear disguises for seven days during the Jatara in memory of the Goddess, representing her strategies for luring the tyrant out. Aside from Pongal, houses provide the devotees with pleasant beverages like buttermilk and Ambali throughout the occasion.

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