The protagonist of the tale is Vetri (Santhanam), a single man employed in a marriage agency. As an orphan hoping for marriage, Vetri is aware that in this day and age, he needs his own place to even be taken seriously as a potential husband by women. Thus, the man purchases a flat with a debt of Rs 25 lakhs. Now that he has a steady job and an apartment to his name, Vetri is looking for a wife more than ever. His intention is to repay the loan he took out for the property and collect a dowry of Rs 25 lakhs from the girl he intends to marry. In these conditions, Vetri receives an outstanding marriage proposal from a wedding broker (Late mano Bala).

He informs him that they have just three requirements and that the alliance he has brought is from a wealthy family of zamindars who possess a substantial amount of property. The youngster needs to meet certain requirements in order to live with the Zamindar, his son, and his daughter as a single family. He also needs to be an orphan and have his own home. Vetri marries the girl after being impressed by how the family greets him and after having faith in the broker's promise. But shortly after the wedding, Vetri's world completely collapses. That's what 'Inga Naan Thaan Kingu' is all about, what occurs then.

The movie is simply a lighthearted comedy. From the very beginning, the movie captures your interest and most of the gags are funny.
The situational humour and Ezhichur Aravindan's original scripting greatly contribute to the delightful viewing experience of the film. Consider the wedding sequence, when the bride and groom get expensive nuts such as cashews and badam instead of the customary flowers. Vetri's brother-in-law informs her that the reason for the badam cashew shower is because the wedding needs to meet the Zamin family's expectations. A few minutes later, the same two characters had an amusing chat.

The seasoned cast of the movie is another element that contributes to its success. It appears that director Anand Narayan has cast the right actors in the appropriate parts. The Zamindar, Thambi Ramaiah, is simply amazing. Although his role appears humorous on TV, it is challenging to perform. It's challenging to play a proud but completely shameless persona at the same time. With great ease, he blends in with Balasaravanan, who portrays his son, the chinna Zamindar.

Not to be overlooked is actor vivek Prasanna, who has two roles in the movie. In particular, prasanna portrays a dead character rather well, and he does a great job portraying the corpse. Throughout several of the movie's scenes, he plays some really good roles. In addition to these performers, a long list of comedians appear in the movie, and each of them makes a small but significant contribution.

Overall, Inga Naan Thaan Kingu is a lighthearted movie that mostly succeeds in making you laugh

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐

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