On May 13, the telugu states' general elections for 2024 came to a close with a significant voter participation. In particular, andhra pradesh recorded a high voter participation of 81.86%. Numerous movie stars have also voted, leading by example for their followers. rebel star prabhas, meanwhile, was conspicuously absent; many were disappointed that he did not cast a ballot. prabhas has already been the target of some internet users' questions and trolling on social media for failing to uphold this fundamental civic obligation.
It has now been revealed that prabhas would be among the special guests at the next Director's Day celebration in Hyderabad. Along with prabhas, megastar chiranjeevi and icon star allu arjun will also be in attendance as chief guests. May 4th is Director's Day, commemorating the birth anniversary of renowned director Dasari Narayana Rao. This year, on May 19, there will be a special celebration of Director's Day.
Meanwhile, a lot of people think prabhas made the wrong choice. They said that even though he stayed home to cast his ballot, he did go to an event that week that had to do with films. Because he didn't vote, he was already the target of trolling on social media, so showing up to this event soon after may make people much more hostile.


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