Regarding Shah Rukh Khan's next film after his huge success in 2023, there is a lot of conjecture. Recent rumours state that Sujoy Ghosh, who is renowned for his brilliant thrillers like Kahani and Badla, is directing his next movie, king, which stars his daughter Suhana Khan. Sidharth Anand, who made his name in Pathaan, will be in charge of the action scenes. anirudh ravichander will be composing the soundtrack for king, according to the most recent rumours.
With Jawan, SRK and Anirudh's first-ever collaboration broke all industry records, and the film's background score established a new benchmark for enhancing heroism in Bollywood. Anirudh is working on many projects at the moment. Ajith's Vidaa Muyarchi, Devara, indian 2, Vettaiyan, VD12, Coolie, SK23 with AR Murugadoss, and several others. king is the most recent addition to his list of responsibilities.
Any project that Anirudh is involved with gains a lot of anticipation since his name is now synonymous with quality BGM. His moniker suggests an opulent cinematic experience. Some, nevertheless, are worried about whether Anirudh's participation in so many projects would lower the calibre of his output. Is he overcommitting himself, or is he taking on roles out of duty, unable to turn down offers from industry heavyweights like Rajinikanth and Shah Rukh Khan?


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