Andhra Pradesh's post-election violence will be investigated by a Special Investigation Team (SIT). In every violent incidence, the SIT would provide an action-taken report to the election commission of india (ECI). Additional pertinent legislative provisions and suitable sections of the IPC will be included in the FIRs.
Chief election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, along with two other election commissioners, received appearances on thursday from Chief Secretary K. S. jawahar reddy and director General of police Harish Kumar Gupta in New Delhi.

The senior officials had been called by the ECI to personally explain why the government had been unable to control violence following the election.
Several violent occurrences during the polling on May 13 and the days that followed were recorded in the districts of Anantapur, Palnadu, and Tirupati.
The Chief Secretary and DGP discussed their opinions about the carelessness and oversight of government employees in areas plagued by violence.
The election commission slapped 16 officials with the whip in response to their findings. It suspended Anantapur SP amit Bardar as well as Palnadu Superintendent of police (SP) Garikapati bindu Madhav.

Additionally, the Commission directed the removal of tirupati SP Krishnakanth patel and Palnadu district collector Siva Sankar Lotheti.
Additionally, a departmental investigation of these officials will be launched.
A month ago, following Y. ravi shankar Reddy's removal by the election commission, bindu Madhav assumed leadership of the Palnadu district as SP.
Two months prior, Krishnakanth patel had also assumed leadership as tirupati SP.
In their submission to the election commission, the state administration said that these authorities were concerned about the violence but were unable to stop it. Even though political violence has a history in these regions, the administration did not take the necessary precautions.

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