Nepal bans the sales of Everest masala Brands..!?

Famous masala brands in india have faced a big challenge abroad. Neighboring countries have banned the spice products of Everest and MDH. What is the reason for that? Everest, MDH, which is a very famous spice brand in our country, faced a big problem. That spice brand was banned by the nepal government. Nepal's food technology and quality control department tested the ethylene oxide levels. indian spice brands Everest and MDH failed. As a result, the government has banned the import, use, and sale of those brands. Tests have shown that these two spices have high levels of ethylene oxide. As a result, both of them were banned by the government there. Mohan Krishna Maharjan, the spokesperson of Nepal's Food technology and Quality Control Department, told ANI that following the news that these spices contain traces of harmful chemicals, the import was banned a week ago and sales in the market were also banned.

Tests are being conducted on the chemicals in these two brands of spices. The ban will remain in place till the final report. hong kong and singapore have already banned it," he said. indian government sources told 'ANI' that the use of ETO in different countries is allowed from 0.73 percent to 7 percent.

Meanwhile, the Spice Board of india has initiated measures to ensure the safety and quality of indian spice exports to the affected areas. Implementing the recommendations made by the Techno-Scientific Committee, the Board conducted a comprehensive root cause analysis. Inspected processing facilities. Collected samples for testing in accredited laboratories. The Spice Board conducted stakeholder consultations with over 130 exporters and associations including the All india Spices Exporters Forum and, the Indian Spices and Foods Exporters Association. Additionally, the Board has issued guidelines for ETO treatment to all exporters to prevent ETO contamination in spices exported from India.

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