Many of the Alliance media wonder why jagan Mohan reddy and his group are so sure that the YSRCP will win the recently held elections, which are scheduled to be revealed on june 4. jagan Mohan reddy did not say that they would win by a landslide and that they would get more than 150 seats only to make a statement. Highly credible sources claim that statistical evidence supports his claim.

An app with stringent limits for conducting surveys was created by a team of professionals. It was previously used during the telangana elections in 2023 to test the app's functionality. The poll's prediction of 65–70 seats for congress at the time turned out to be correct.
Under his I-PAC team, jagan Mohan Reddy's central office is in charge of this app. On polling day, they polled 2,20,000 persons at various sites, just like they did in the telangana elections.
It was difficult to manipulate or tamper with the remarks since they were recorded and GPS monitoring verified that the opinions originated from a variety of locations.
Although not all the information about this software is public, it is supposedly a very scientific tool that produces nearly exact results.
According to the study, the app revealed that the YSRCP is experiencing a stronger quiet wave than anticipated, garnering an average of 56% of the vote share on election day.
As a result, jagan Mohan reddy was advised that he may win as many as 156 seats.

Furthermore, a top YSRCP leader claimed that pawan kalyan and nara lokesh are predicted to win in their respective constituencies, whereas chandrababu naidu and balakrishna are anticipated to lose in kuppam and Hindupur, however this was not reported by the app.
These forecasts and projections, however, are merely strong beliefs based on what they surveyed and the ideas they articulated; they cannot be regarded as Exit Poll findings.


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