There's a reason why the phony exit polls are going viral worldwide. Although it is purportedly done to attract bettors, the real motive is to use manufactured excitement to sell the surrounding land for a higher price. There is a rumor that realtors in the amaravathi region are spreading misinformation suggesting that once Kutami is elected, the region's already low land values would treble or triple, thus it would be best to buy now.

Even non-resident indians are investing in real estate in and around the amaravathi area, believing this message to be true without question. The first people to profit from this manufactured excitement based on fictitious exit surveys are real estate agents and realtors.  Many are preying on the public and taking advantage of the circumstances to earn fast money. A small percentage of them believe they are making wise investments, while others are falling victim to traps.

On social media, a screenshot that seems to be an exit poll from the indian news channel Times Now has gone viral. Based on this graphic, the telugu desam party (TDP), a regional political party, is predicted to win the andhra pradesh assembly elections. andhra pradesh had simultaneous elections for 175 assembly seats and 25 parliamentary seats on May 13, 2024. The photograph was published on social media with the comment, "Times Now: andhra pradesh exit poll results are out." A further user said, "TV9 or sakshi aren't involved." It's the channel Times Now. andhra pradesh exit poll.

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