With only two weeks to the release of assembly election results in Andhra Pradesh, candidates from the incumbent ysr congress party and the telugu Desam Party-led national democratic alliance are eagerly awaiting their fate on june 4. Among the various constituencies in the state, all eyes are on the pithapuram assembly constituency in east godavari district, where YSRCP candidate and current kakinada MP vanga geetha is up against Jana Sena party head and powerhouse Pawan Kalyan.

Unlike other YSRCP officials, notably their chairman Y. S. jagan Mohan Reddy, who take every chance to attack pawan kalyan politically and personally, vanga geetha has limited herself to campaigning for the party without making personal remarks against Pawan Kalyan. Similarly, pawan kalyan has avoided making major personal attacks on geetha when criticizing the YSRCP. Besides Pawan, other members of the mega family campaigned for him but made no critical remarks against Geetha.

A week after the polls closed, vanga geetha declared her admiration for the Mega family.
"Putting politics aside, my family and I are huge admirers of brother chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, and the entire Mega family. "I always respect them," she stated.
She reminded everyone that she had not made any personal remarks against pawan kalyan throughout the campaign, nor had she permitted her party workers to speak out against him.
"The mega family is also aware of my regard for them. politics differs from my own preferences and dislikes. "I have nothing against any of the mega family members, including naga Babu," she stated.

Vanga geetha started her political career with the telugu desam party and then joined the praja rajyam party, founded by megastar chiranjeevi in 2008.
She won elections from pithapuram on a PRP ticket in 2009, and when the party merged with the Congress, she joined as well.
In 2019, she joined the YSRCP and won a lok sabha seat from Kakinada.

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