Andhra Pradesh, which had multiple violent events in various places on the day of polling on May 13 and for a few days following polling during the recently finished elections, is also bracing for further violence on the day of counting on june 4.
According to reports, the central intelligence agency obtained specific information that unrest might occur in several sections of the state on the day of vote counting, once the results are released.
Intelligence officials are said to have warned of violent occurrences some hours before the counting began.

Central security personnel have already been sent to vulnerable regions to prevent the breakout of violence, and tight security has been implemented at counting sites to prevent violent mob raids.
Surprisingly, the reports of potential violence are claimed to be coming from the Godavari areas rather than rayalaseema or Palnadu, where violent episodes have lately occurred.
The intelligence agencies have received specific reports of potential violence on the day of vote counting, particularly in Pithapuram, where Jana Sena party head pawan kalyan is running.

The ec has already prohibited political parties from holding demonstrations or exploding crackers once the results are announced since this might lead to unrest in many sections of the state.
Indications indicate that both the YSRCP and the tdp cadres are preparing for violence if their respective opponents win.
According to reports, the central intelligence authorities have directed the state police to take strict action against leaders who are likely to resort to violence.

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