Arimilli Radha is a leader with a clean image..!?

- Recognized as a clean image leader in ap as a first-time MLA.

- Will the majority of 33 thousand who came in 2014 cross this time?

- minister Karumuri is in the race but Jagan has no hope.

Tanuku in west godavari district is one of the constituencies in andhra pradesh where the telugu desam party won one hundred percent. If Tanu mentions the name of the telugu desam party, the party's young dynamic leader and former mla Arimilli Radha comes to mind. Arimilli Radha gave up a high job in singapore and contested the 2014 elections at a young age. Arimilli, who won a landslide victory with a huge majority of 33,000 votes in the first attempt, left his mark on the development of the constituency in five years. Most importantly, Arimilli is recognized as a leader with a clean image away from controversial politics.

Radha has the credit of developing the tanuku constituency in a range when she was an mla for five years. Moreover, they have acquired a clean image. He has earned a good name among the youth irrespective of parties, sects, and castes. Radha has a reputation for being accessible to the common man in the tanuku constituency. That's why in the last election Radha was defeated by a narrow margin of just 1000 votes even when ycp was flourishing. This time, Radha is clashing with ycp leader Karumuri Nageswara Rao, who holds the status of minister. Will Radha, who lost by 1000 votes in the last election, get the 33 thousand majority in 2014 this time or not? That remains to be seen.

In any case, Arimilli Radha's victory over minister Karumuri in tanuku is one hundred percent fixed. The ycp wants to hear that chief minister jagan has also given the eluru parliamentary seat to sunil Kumar, a son of Karumuri from that family because he is not confident that he will win in the Mantri Karumuri constituency. This time Janasena's support is also strong.. A clean image like Radha.. leaving behind a young leader who works hard for the people.. is being heard strongly in the discussion that we are drowning in the stench of corruption. It is in this sequence that this time in tanukuRadha's song will surely be heard on june 4.

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