The biggest shock for ycp before the results..?

Elections were held peacefully in Andhra Pradesh. This time the polling has increased massively and the leaders and activists of both parties in the state are very cautious about the victory. However, it is known that the biggest shock will hit the ruling ycp before the results. minister Botsa Satyanarayana's resignation letter from ysr congress party is being widely circulated on social media. The news that Botsa is going to leave the party because he likes the policies of the ycp party in the state is going viral. With this letter coming out in the name of Botsa Satyanarayana, ycp leaders, and workers are really wondering if this news is true..? Is Botsa leaving the party? asked the tribe. With this, they are accusing some people who do not like minister Botsa of creating such false fake news. 

But now that letter is going viral on social media. Botsa Satyanarayana, who is an unopposed leader in vizianagaram district of andhra pradesh state, has been given the key post of education minister in his cabinet by ycp leader Jagan. Moreover, jagan has allotted tickets to four members of Botsa's family in the recent assembly electionsAlso Botsa's cousin Baddukonda Appalanaidu from Nellimarla and Botsa's younger brother Appala Narasiah contested from Gajapatinagar. Meanwhile, Botsa recently spoke to the media. On the 4th of next month, the ycp party will achieve a great victory. He said that Jagan will take oath as chief minister in Visakhapatnam on the 9th of the same month at 9 am. Meanwhile, the ycp leaders were shocked to receive this resignation letter. But they breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was fake.

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