Chandrababu's confident calculations are surprising to many..!?

Assembly elections in andhra pradesh state will end after this, who has done the calculations? According to their calculations, they declared that they would win. If jagan announced that he would get more than 150 seats, chandrababu naidu expressed confidence that his victory would be theirs, but it was not known whether he reviewed the people of andhra pradesh, the polling pattern, and the strengths. It is known that recently Chandrababu went to Singapore, before that he told the tdp brothers that we would win. But now it is interesting what kind of review was done to make them believe.

According to Inside, Chandrababu has said that the alliance of bjp, Janasena, and tdp will get assembly seats without reducing to 130 seats. It is learned that Chandrababu confidently told the leaders below him that all the employees voted for tdp in every constituency. Chandrababu expressed confidence that the employees and their families as well as others voted for him because of them. Chandrababu believes that these three parties - Janasena, tdp, and bjp - have formed an alliance even after they have taken welfare schemes.

They informed Babu's brothers that the tdp has succeeded in turning the neutral people towards them and those votes will also fall to them. They also said that they were able to convert many people to their side by talking about the anarchic rule of the YCP and those votes will become the key to winning the seats. Chandrababu told the tdp leaders that those who wanted to vote for ycp for welfare schemes changed their decision after seeing the TDP+ manifesto. Chandrababu calculated that 1 crore 50 lakh of them would have voted for those welfare schemes after seeing their manifesto that 2 crore people are benefiting from the welfare schemes.

Chandrababu has come to an estimate that if we calculate the total number of votes from 1 crore 80 lakhs to 2 crores would have definitely gone to TDP. Chandrababu went to singapore saying that we got 50% of the votes and told the tdp brothers to win 130 to 140 seats. These secret calculations are now out. Leaving aside whether these are believable or not, Chandrababu's confident calculations are surprising to many.

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