If bjp wins more seats than expected, it will be a miracle..!?

- Jana Sena is likely to win 2 mp and 15-16 mla seats.

- There is not a single seat where bjp will win 100%..?

- Couldn't the alliance vote be transferred to BJP...!

It is known that in Andhra Pradesh, janasena is contesting in 21 Assembly. Two parliamentary seats and bjp in 10 assemblies...six parliamentary seats as part of an alliance with telugu Desam Party. As part of the alliance, janasena and bjp are contesting together for 31 assembly seats and 8 parliamentary seats. How many seats does the Jana Sena have a chance of winning in these seats and how many seats does the bjp have? Of course, they are counting on who will win. According to many surveys and reports, according to the predictions of political analysts, the wave is good for the Jana Sena. If the alliance votes transfer well, it will be easy to win 15 to 16 assembly seats and two parliamentary seats.

Only places like Palakonda - polavaram - Railway Koduru - Nellimarla - and Tirupati have some doubts about Janasena. The party will win the Machilipatnam-Kakinada parliamentary seats contested by the Janasena. Especially in the Visakhapatnam district, there are expectations that the janasena will win even if it is a tough competition. It is said that out of the 11 seats that the Jana Sena contested in both of the two Godavari districts, it will surely lose only one in Polavaram. There are expectations that the janasena will win the remaining ten seats even though there is tough competition.

The party does not have much hope for the Railway Kodur seat contested by the janasena in Rayalaseema. There is a tough competition in Tirupati, but the Jana Sena is expected to win with a narrow majority. It is said that Janasena's key leader Nadendla Manohar will win in Tenali. And when it comes to the bjp, there is not a single seat in the ten assembly seats that the party has contested for. Trees like Visakhapatnam North - Kaikalur - vijayawada West - Anaparthi have little hope. When it comes to the parliamentary seats, there are predictions of the victory of cm Ramesh in Anakapalli, Purandeshwari in Rajahmundry, and Srinivasa Verma in Narasapuram. In tirupati, Araku, and Rajampet, the bjp mp candidates are on the road to defeat. But there is also a campaign that the transfer of votes from Kotami to BJP is not done properly. It seems that if tdp and Jana Sena are benefiting from this alliance, bjp has lost. And if bjp wins more seats than expected, it will be a miracle.

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