There is nothing special to say about PK to the people of the two telugu states.. Even two months ago, Prashanth kishore spoke in favor of the alliance saying that it was impossible for the ycp to win this election. prashant kishore recently participated in an interview with senior journalist karan Thapar. In this, many questions were asked to PK.

Especially karan Thapar told prashant kishore that your predictions have failed in the past and showed the results of himachal pradesh and telangana as an example. PK was shocked with many such questions in Thapar Live.

But at that time prashant kishore got angry and said you are not a journalist. It seems that this is an example of prashant Kishore's expectations being wrong in the case of ap as well. prashant kishore has revealed that he is just talking about the package with tdp and promoting it in this way. prashant Kishore, who has never spoken in the last five years, has been talking a lot about the tdp party since the last two to three months. Especially since prashant kishore met lokesh at an airport, such things have been seen more and more. With this, it seems that once again prashant kishore is tooting the horns of some parties. Let's see what the results will be on june 4.

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