Usually when someone is in power before the election, they say that they will do this and that and release the funds.. But at that time, even though they are doing such work for votes, the opposition party keeps stopping by petitioning them not to release any funds related to them. In andhra pradesh also, according to the tdp government's plan, the ec was asked to stop money from being deposited in people's accounts.

We have seen in the past that the money announced before the election stops after the election. He said that if they were giving money during the floods in Telangana.. They said that it would be given after the election because it is the time of corporation election but it was not given.. Also in 2019 election Chandrababu will give Dwakra loan waiver and loan waiver money.. Instead of these they will give yellow saffron money. But it was stopped in the middle of starting. It was not completed after that. After that there was a government for two months.

Now the tdp party has campaigned that jagan will also do the same. 14330 crore rupees education grant, handout, this bc Nestam, Kapu Nestam, support money is yet to come.. All these were stopped before the elections. The election commission stopped the court orders. At the time when they thought that the money would not be given anymore. The support money was released and also the education related money was also released. At the time I thought that the total would be 400 crores and what would be the rest. people are making it viral with screen shots on social media that the newly minted money is going viral. ycp leaders and activists are also making these things even more viral. ycp is projecting that they will do if they say it.

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