Andhra Pradesh state assembly as well as parliament election polling is over now and everyone is debating on which party the results will go in favor of on june 4. Many are also betting. Some people are betting that the telugu Desam alliance will come to power and some bet on ycp will once again take over the power.

In such a background, the ycp party is haunted by an issue. Political analysts say that if the ycp party loses in this 2024 assembly election, it is guaranteed that the party will be grounded. It is said that even the winning MLAs are in danger of joining the telugu Desam Party. The reason for this is said to be Jagan's performance. It is said that Jaganmohan reddy changes MLAs every five years. He does not trust the original MLAs. It is difficult to have winning MLAs in such a party.

So, if the ycp party loses it is said that it will suffer the consequences that the 'Pink' party is facing now in the state of Telangana. Analysts make it clear that even the leaders who have enjoyed the positions will change the party. They say that the situation of the telugu desam party will also be like this. It is said that if the telugu desam party loses again in this assembly election, there will be no chance of the party even being in the opposition status.

All the MLAs in it are making it clear that there is a chance of jumping into the ycp party. It is revealed that only activists will be left for that party. The third party is Jana Sena. They say that if this party does not come to power this time, the entire party will be shut down. They say that the leaders never agree to be in the opposition. If the power that has passed over the years does not come... there is no condition to stay in that party. It is said that the janasena leaders will go to whoever holds the power. All in all, this assembly election. has become tough for these three parties.

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