On wednesday night, a protracted power outage at bhuvanagiri government Hospital left patients and staff in the dark for many hours, requiring physicians to treat patients using mobile phone torchlights.
The cause of the power outage is unknown. A female patient stated that the electricity had been off for more than an hour, preventing them from seeing well. It is uncertain if the hospital has a working generator.
This event comes after a similar power outage at the MGM Hospital in warangal on tuesday when electricity was off for five hours. The problem was aggravated by the fact that the hospital's generators were being repaired, which caused further inconvenience for patients.
Former health Minister T. harish rao shared a video on the social media site X to highlight the condition of patients at the bhuvanagiri hospital.

He questioned the state government's handling of power supply concerns, noting that all types of users, including farmers, were experiencing regular power outages.
"Is this the governance that congress promised?" Is this Indiramma Rajyam? harish rao questioned, encouraging the government to prioritize these essential needs. This incident follows a similar power disruption at the MGM Hospital in warangal on Tuesday.



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