In the wake of the andhra pradesh state assembly elections, the ycp party has been hit in the ap High Court. The ap high court dismissed the petitions filed by the ycp leaders. It is known that the polling for assembly and parliament elections in the state of andhra pradesh was held on May 13 amid tensions. On May 13, tense weather conditions prevailed in many parts of andhra pradesh state. However, the election officials conducted the polling.

However, intense clashes and riots took place in chandragiri, Palnadu, Sattenapalli and macherla constituencies. The ycp party demands from the beginning that repolling should be conducted in the areas where the clashes took place. The ycp also complained to the election commission that the telugu desam party leaders had rigged it, so repolling must be conducted in those areas.

As there was no benefit there, ycp recently approached the ap High Court. Ambati Rambabu and Mohit reddy petitioned to conduct repolling in Sattenapalli and chandragiri constituencies. But the ap high court which heard this petition gave an unexpected shock to the ycp leaders. ap minister Ambati Rambabu's petition was rejected by the High Court. Ambati Rambabu dismissed the petition for repolling in 4 polling booths in Sattanapally.

The high court ruled that it cannot interfere at this stage after the completion of the election process. It is noteworthy here that ap high court also dismissed Mohit Reddy's petition for repolling in Chandragiri. This is like an unexpected shock to the ycp party. And let's see how ycp will proceed on this. In the wake of this Katu pinnelli ramakrishna reddy video. Telugudesam is demanding repolling there.

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