Recently, we've seen a trend of remade tunes. Modern filmmakers remix classical melodies and songs to create distinctive sounds. One such wonderful homage was shown in Manjummel Boys, which contained a remixed rendition of Ilaiyaraja's kanmani song. The song is used carefully to generate a cinematic high throughout the film. However, despite the producers' noble gesture of recreating Ilaiyaraja's kanmani song, all they got was a lawsuit.

In addition, the famed singer sued the producers of Manjummel Boys for exploiting his song without authorization. While it is perfectly lawful for him to issue the legal notice, the great artist must have seen that all the team did was pay homage to his beautiful work through movie. This manner, his legacy will only increase. But Ilaiyaraja was having none of it, and he took legal action against the creators. This decision has elicited diverse reactions from ordinary citizens.
Ilayaraja, a legendary composer, has worked on some of the most successful movies of the 1990s and 2000s. He has also composed music for a number of successful films in recent years. Some of Ilayaraja's most successful songs from the past are utilised as allusions or in the backdrop of modern films, which is a source of pride for him. This communicates a message about his journey's legacy while also promoting his tunes. However, in a startling move, ilayaraja has started delivering legal notifications to the directors of various films that have used his previous songs as references.

He submitted legal notifications for Rajinikanth's next famous film 'Coolie', directed by lokesh Kanagaraj. The film is produced by sun Pictures, tamil cinema's leading production firm. He also filed legal notifications to the Manummel Boys squad, which did not go well. The song reminded the newest generation of Guna's song, which is now immensely popular.

However, Ilayaraja's legal warning was not well received, and he is being mocked and criticised on social media. Using his work as a symbol will make him proud. However, placing legal notices on a great music composer like ilayaraja would be pointless, and he would lose his reputation for future generations.


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