The first song from pushpa 2, the title song, garnered a positive response from the audience. Although the tune wasn’t particularly outstanding and the lyrics felt outdated, the song made a strong impact thanks to Allu Arjun’s swag, charm, and dance steps. However, based on the brief preview, the second song appears to be much better in terms of composition. It sounds catchy, melodious, and has the potential to become an instant chartbuster.
The audience responded well to pushpa 2's opening song, the title track. Although the song wasn't very memorable, and the lyrics seemed out of date, Allu Arjun's swagger, charisma, and dancing moves made a big effect. However, based on this little preview, the second song looks to be far superior in terms of composition. It sounds catchy and lovely, with the potential to become an instant chartbuster.
Of course, a proper judgement can only be formed after hearing the entire song, but it now exudes blockbuster vibes. devi sri prasad composed the second song from pushpa 2, which will be released on May 29. On Thursday, the creators of Pushpa: The Rule (Pushpa 2) released a preview for the film's forthcoming song The Couple Song on social media. rashmika mandanna, also known as Srivalli, is seen getting her hair and makeup done in the video. She then approaches the camera and imitates Pushpa's signature posture (no guessing which one).

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