Ajay Jain: An  Undisputed Officer with great ideas..!!

 - Jagan's record with house titles for 31 lakh people in AP.

- ajay Jain's efforts in fulfilling the target.

-Jain studied the zones and fought them in the courts.

Senior IAS officer ajay Jain. His performance is not much publicized for us. But, because of his work, cm Jagan's Manifesto is implemented. ajay Jain is the inspiration of the times. The way he behaved as an undisputed officer. With this, almost all the beneficiaries got houses. cm Jagan has given house certificates to 31 lakh people in the state. However, giving houses on such a large scale. It is also not a matter of words to give places. However, cm Jagan implemented this scheme after taking his time with his faith in ajay Jain. Jagan, who said that he would give the house titles by sankranti in january 2022, did it as if he had said that. It must be said that ajay Jain's hard work is behind this.

At one stage there were land problems in some districts. Officials informed that there were no government lands, Jain, who focused on such districts, collected lands that did not have any problems. And even when they had to buy from others, they convinced them to get reasonable prices and saved the government treasury. In the matter of the selection of the beneficiaries, politics have been put aside.

Like this, cm Jagan considered it as an important scheme, and in the matter of distribution of house leases,  ajay Jain has made it happen. Even when houses were to be given to the poor in the capital city of Amaravati, Jain studied the zones fought them in the courts, and worked hard to give houses here. Even though he tried so hard, he didn't want a name anywhere. They bluntly say that everything is Jagan's blessing.

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