Politics in andhra pradesh is heating up day by day. Especially as the time of counting is approaching, there is fear among the leaders. So, What is the status of balayya has become a hot topic now. After seeing the pattern of polling. Whether balayya will score a hat-trick this time? or Whether he will wrap up his failure for the first time has now become a topic of intense discussion across the state.

Will ycp break the stronghold of TDP? Will Peddireddy's planning exercise? assembly elections are over and counting is going to be held on 4th June. What kind of judgment did the people give in the assembly elections? Who is going to win and who is going to lose? Now many constituencies across the state have become a topic of discussion. Though there are 175 constituencies in Andhra, there is a special focus on hindupuram constituency. Since the birth of the tdp party, there has been no defeat in Hindupuram. Especially Nandamuri balakrishna is contesting for the third time here.

NTR and Harikrishna have already won and gone to the Assembly. balakrishna also made his political entry from Hindupuram. In the past, only if tdp symbol is visible, there is a talk that it is not visible in the current situation. balayya faced fierce competition this time like never before. deepika was fielded from the ycp party here. balakrishna especially has a strong hold in areas like lepakshi Chilamathur. At present, there is no end to the matter of whom the people of Hindupur have shown a grudge.

But there are reports that balakrishna has done better things than the previous leaders. When it comes to Balayya's minuses, he comes only before the elections to meet the commoners. When it comes to YSP leader Deepika, she is a Kuraba woman. Her husband is very important in the party. In the past there were many differences in hindupuram YCP. Due to this, the differences between the leaders have also been set and brought into the field in this election. Especially in hindupuram, the minority votes and Reddy's social votes are very important.

In hindupuram, there are 2 lakh 49,174 voters. If we look at the polling percentage..it has been recorded up to 77.64%.. But this time there is a talk that Balakrishna's victory is not so easy. Let's see what happens on the fourth day of June.

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